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Mohannad Faihan Otaibi

A techno-maniac from Saudi Arabia. Passionate about coding, innovation, and technology, I'm the geek you want to connect with. Explore my site to learn about my ventures, skills, and the tools I love. Let's talk tech!

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Welcome to my simple humble website..
Here, you may get to know me a little bit better by knowing the things I use, languages I speak, things I do or enjoy..

💻 Software Arsenal
Apps and Programs I depend on in my setups to finish work

💾 Operating Systems
I've used and still use

📚 Dev Skillz
Porgramming languages, Frameworks and Development tools that I am comfortable using

🏆 Achievements
pieces of work done that I'm proud of

📜 Standards
I try to go by and use

💼 Organizations
that I respect and follow their work

🔗 Bookmarks
of Websites I enjoy browsing, or need, most of the time

🎮 Games I Play
when I have time

💡 Quotes
I try to Live by and respect

You cannot arrest an idea, it is bulletproof.


The Quiter you become, the more you are able to hear

BackTrack OS

We only see two things in people; what we want to see, and what they want to show us.

James Remer
as Harry Morgan

It is not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones responsive to change.

Charles Darwin

🌎 Places
my feet touched

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I'll try to get back to you in 2-5 human days.